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The Furnace Kings were the rulers of the Bale-Furnace in the Realm of Fire. The Khorne Bloodbound paid homage to these twisted, duardin-like beings for weapons and armors.[1][3a]


The Furnace Kings tricked Smith-God Grungni into creating a mountain for them and then stole secrets from them. They turned this mountain and the stolen secrets to nefarious purposes, earning the ire of the duardin god.[3a][5a]

These twisted smiths armed and armored a thousand of warlords and slaughtered just as many.[5a][3a]They forged armor for the Chaos Lord Bakhos [4a] and provided one of his chiefs, Hulmean, with Ogor slave warriors. They had been raised in stables and fed their mother's scraps of meat. [4b]

Grungni personally assailed the Bale-Furnace and cracked it open and freed the slaves trapped within the domains of the twisted Furnace Kings. In the end the rulers of the Bale-Furnace chose to flee into the depths of their mountain rather than face the ire of Grungni.[3a]


The Black Rift was one of their creations, forged with warpfire and shaped by impossible tools.[2]

Former Members

  • Khoragh Ar-Nadras Has'ut: This twisted duardin was once the ruler of a mighty smithy-citadel, which had once belonged to a Fyreslayer lodge before Khoragh stole it from them, that extended into the very roots of the Skullspike Mountains, a vast mountain range in the Bloodwind Spoil. He claims that it was he and his brothers who were the masters of the Bale-Furnace, after tricking a god into creating a mountain for them and stealing their secrets.[5a]