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Frost Sabres are the spearhead of the Beastclaw Raiders, hunting together with their Ogor hunter masters.[1] They are hefty feline predators that often congregate in marauding packs, their most notable characteristics being sword-sized fangs that curve from their lower jaw capable of punching through the toughest of armour plates effortlessly, and their capacity to run down even the swiftest of Aelven steeds without tiring. [2]

The Frost Sabres are unique amongst the beasts employed by the Ogor Mawtribes in that they are not captured or broken in whelping pits. Instead, they are raised from Cubs by an Icebrow Hunter, perhaps having chanced upon a den or taken the offspring of a would-be predator. This process turns the beasts into utterly loyal companions, willing to die for their master. [2]

An ability that makes the Frost Sabres so valuable to their masters is their lack of any body heat and visible breath, making them essentially invisible in the snowstorms of the Everwinter. The source of this is their freezing blood, which is worked - after being carefully bled - into powerful winter-touched potion. [2]


They were originally called sabretusks in the World-That-Was and the Grand Alliance: Destruction, but with the release of the Battletome: Beastclaw Raiders (2016) they were renamed Frost Sabres.



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