Freeguild Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Flag of the Conquerors A flag whose golden tassels have absorbed energies of the Mortal Realms. Wherever it is planted the Free Peoples make their stand.
Armour of Meteoric Iron An armour that no mortal blade can penetrate. Forged from Meteoric Iron, the metal of a fallen star.
Blade of the Realms A blade that when wielded by a true warrior, no mortal armour can stop. It is magically attuned to each of the eight realms, slipping in and out of reality at a thought.
Luckstone A rune-etched pebble said to attack good fortune like a magnet. It has survived the end of many worlds, like the World Before Time.
The Broken Shackle A sundered pair of manacles that allows the wearer to stride unimpeded through combat. It's a symbol of the Free Peoples' courage and heritage.
Writ of Dominion A magically imbued scroll that fills all who hear its record with determination. It a record of the Free Peoples' decree to take back what's theirs.

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