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Free Peoples are uncorrupted mortals of every race, who hail from all across the Mortal Realms, that live within Sigmar's Empire, particularly within those colonies founded after the opening of the Gates of Azyr that have become known as the Free Cities of Sigmar.[9a]


After losing their kingdoms, continents and lands during the Age of Chaos, the Free People took refuge in Azyr, gathering in Azyrheim and Sigmaron. There they made a new home, uniting in Sigmar's name to preserve their heraldry and cultural traditions, awaiting for the time when they can return to the Mortal Realms as conquerors and enact bloody revenge upon the forces of Chaos.[1][2][3]


After the Stormcast Eternals have retaken the lands and the Devoted of Sigmar have purged it from the taint of chaos, the Free People follow after them raising fortresses and settlements, among the greatest of these are the Cities of Sigmar, in the Realms once more. In these new lands they quickly learn the ways of war.[1][9a]


The Free Peoples are a plethora of cultures, peoples, and races that choose to coexist within the Cities of Sigmar and other bastions of commerce and hope within Sigmar's Empire. They are the Azyrites who left the Realm of Heavens in search of fortune, adventurers and travelers from distant lands, and even the local Reclaimed, who hope they have not exchanged one set of tyrannical gods for another. Most cultures of the Free Peoples are Humans, Duardin, and Aelves, but other stranger races live among them as well.[9a]