Fort Festermere

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Fort Festermere is a fortress constructed around both sides of the Festermere Realmgate.[1a]


The Ghyranite side of the fortress and Realmgate are located on the north-western coast of the continent of Verdia, several days travel from the Free Cities of Heldenhammer's Triumph and Greywater Fastness.[1a]

The Aqshian side of the fortress and Realmgate are surrounded by a desert of parched red sands and rugged stone mountains. With heavy black clouds appearing constantly over head.[1b]


Each side of the Festermere Realmgate is surrounded by defensive walls and barracks, these facilities together are collectively known as Fort Festermere.[1a] Both sides are commanded by a Lord-Ordinator of the Stormhosts.[1b]

The Aqshian side of the fortress is comprised of a singular ring with two mundane gates, one at either end of the ring.[1b]

The Ghyranite side of the fortress is a mirror of the Aqshian side. It is garrisoned by a company of some of the toughest, vilest fighters from Greywater Fastness, with many of them being criminals who committed horrific crimes in the city and are sent to serve a ten year military service at Festermere. They are kept in line by foul-tempered officers and promise of substantial financial reward.[1a]


Fort Festermere sits at the epicentre of a trade network with the Ghyanite side boasting roads extending to Greywater Fastness, Heldenhammer's Triumph, and many coastal settlements between the Gulf of Hags and Bonemoulder Coast. The most famous of these being the One Road that extended between the fort and Greywater.[1a] The Aqshian side boasts two roads, one extending from each of its gates out into the distance.[1b]

Traders travel through Fort Festermere often. With them comes herds of livestock, carriages laden with goods, and armed escorts. While many of the traders and travelers come to Fort Festermere by land travel, some arrive at the Ghyran side via ship.[1b]



  • Festermere-Aqshy: The Aqshian side of the Realmgate takes the form of a flat pool of water surrounded by standing stones. It is activated only when lightning from the dark clouds above strike the pool, transforming it into a nebula-painted portal.[1b]
  • Festermere-Ghyran: The Ghyranite similarly takes the form of a flat pool of water surrounded by standing stones, that transforms into a star-pool when activated.[1b]


Notable Inhabitants