Forge Anathema

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The Forge Anathema is a great fortress and vast forge complex in the Adamantine Chain mountain range of Aridian of the Great Parch. [1a]

A Duardin fortress-forge that creates and sells armour and weapons to any that can afford it. [1a]


It is created of metal and bone with batteries of deadily Daemonic cannons that cover all possible entrances. [1a]


They bow only to their god, the Father of Darkness. [1a]


Our brothers are lost. They forge accursed weapons from sentient metal, agonising despair , shards of eternal ice, and the bones of our kin. The blades are steeped in tears and quenched in the blood of screaming prisoners. in Grimnir's name this must stop.

~ Yjurgen, Battlesmith of Vostarg lodge.[1]