Forest of Gorch

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The great Forest of Gorch stretches for untold leagues, thick with unfeasibly massive trees, it grows near the Coast of Tusks in the Realm of Ghur. The mighty trees of Gorch rise high, like the wall of some incomprehensibly vast citadel with even the smaller trees equal in stature to the greatest siege tower, both in height and sturdiness. Little light penetrates the green canopy casting the forest into a permanent gloom.[1]

Long ago the Thunwurtgaz Lodge of Fyreslayers made a home there. Following a disagreement, Falnekk, twelfth son of Hardrekk-Grimnir, took one-sixteenth of Lofnir lodge’s gold and set his vault among the deep roots of the thunwurtgaz - the Heartwood, the largest tree in the forest. The duardin slowly and carefully colonized the forest, one tree at a time, moving through the gigantic branches and hollowing them out to make sky-bridges, or along titanic roots which they smoothed and flattened to make roads, stretching between immense towers of bark. The wood of the trees was craftily bent away and pushed outwards, without cracking or breaking it and cultivated into hollow spaces of curved walls and parapets as they used heat and air channeled from an underground source to shape the branches into sky paths, gate-houses, splendid halls and waystations.[1]

By the end of the Realmgate Wars, the lodge was overrun by Spiderfang grots and all those who did not escape had their skulls set on stakes as an offering to the Spider God that inhabited the vault of the slain Fyreslayers.[1]

The forest itself remained dark, hungry and unwelcoming and even such potent spellcasters as Neferata, Mortarch of Blood were unable to scry into its depths.[1]