Flych Tattertail

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Flych Tattertail is a Skaven thief and assassin. [1]


A brown furred Skaven clad in a thread bare tunic, the interior of which is lined with many pockets containing a variety of trinkets and “useful” items. These include buttons, a salted grox ear, a weasel skull, a shiny beetle shell and a warpblend token which he uses a stimulant. [1]


He was part of a team led by Skowl Scorchpaw to steal a Daemon summoning bell from a Chaos Cult for Grey Seer Nezslik in the process of which he and Skowl ensured that all of the other team members died. [1]


Wait-listen. Maybe share-three is too much for Skowl. Maybe share-twice is too much!

~Flych to Teekritt Badscratch.[1]