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Floatsilk is a rare gossamer material sought after by the newly formed upper classes of the Free City of Brightspear. This delicate, gravity defying fabric can be found in the the Undercity of Brightspear, a wonder filled ruin where mage nobles of the Agloraxi Empire once resided when their dominion extended to the Agloraxian Citadels of Aspiria.[1a][2a]


Floatsilk is named for it's inexplicable ability to float and undulate through the air in mesmerizing patterns. It is soft to the touch, incredibly so, delicate, and incredibly rare as it seemingly can only be found within the abandoned dwellings of the Agloraxi nobility that once lived in the ruins below brightspear.[1a]


The strange properties of the material, it's rarity, and the scarcity of tailors skilled enough to work with it have made it a highly sought after commodity of the newly forming upper classes and socialites of Brightspear.[1a]

Delvers and adventurers that brave the Undercity of Brightspear in search of the material will often find it in the form of curtains, bedsheets, and clothes, often still around the corpses of previous owners, found within the abandoned abodes of Agloraxi mages.[1a]

The value of Floatsilk varies wildly, though on average an article of clothing made of floatsilk can cost around two-hundred times as many drops of Aqua Ghyranis as the same sort of article made from more readily available materials.[1a]