Flesh Hound

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A Flesh Hound of Khorne

The Flesh Hounds are bestial Daemons of Khorne that tirelessly hunt down the enemies of the Blood God.[1a]


These scaled daemons, with wide reptilian crests and flaps of skin, appear predatory and always ready to cause damage with their huge teeth, blood-dark claws, spines and horns on their heads. Their bodies a covered in brass runes of Khorne and around their necks there is a studded metal collar.[1a][2]


A Flesh Hound pack fighting Skeletons

These savage beasts are the relentless hunters of the enemies of the Blood God. Once they catch their targets they will tear their victims to pieces with either with their razor-sharp teeth that can shred armour and flesh or with their blood-dark claws staunched in the remains of their opponents.[1a][2]

The collars around their necks allow them to tap in the wrath of Khorne to try and extinguish spells and improve the chances of their fellow daemons succeeding at doing the same.[1a][2]


The Flesh Hounds are tireless and merciless in their pursuit and even the mightiest heroes are inevitably tired down by them, as they are swift, strong and tenacious beyond mortal reasons.[1a][2]

They are always released first before the main attack of a battle, using their bone-chilling howls to herald the doom of their opponents.[1a]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Karanak Daemons of Khorne Hound of Khorne Flesh Hound He is the greatest of the Flesh Hounds and the physical manifestation of Khorne's wrathful vengeance. This three-headed guard-beast prowls the throne room of the Brass Citadel.
Grizzlemaw Khorne Bloodbound Korghos Khul's Hound Flesh Hound A daemonic hound that protects Korghos Khul from magic and spells.
Riptooth Khorne Bloodbound Magore Redhand's Hound Flesh Hound A daemonic hound of that was gifted to Magore Redhand, that was stuck in Shadespire together with his warband the Magore's Fiends.




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