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The First-Forged are the primogenitors of the fyreslayers, the first of their kind, warriors cults who worshipped Grimnir even before his fall, some even claim they were his children or that they were made from his incandescent rage. It was these lodges that created the first magmaholds in the Salamander's Spine in Aqshy. When Grimnir met his demise in the final battle against Vulcatrix the firestorm that swept the realms ignited in the the Master Flame, or First Fire known as the Zharrkhul. These too were the duardin that first discovered Ur-Gold and realised its connection to Grimnir and, lead by the newly formed Zharrgrim discovered its power when hammered as runes into the flesh of fyreslayers.[1a][1b][1c]


The most well known of the First-Forged lodges are: