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Firmament is an undefined term that applies to both a part of the Mortal Realms and the Aetheric Void.

  • There are mysteries and horrifying monsters in the limits of the firmaments of the realms that the surface has forgotten.[1a]
  • Those Stormcast that are not successfully reforged, disintegrate into aether which is then absorbed by the firmament of Azyr.[1a]
  • The sub-realms of Chamon are said to hang in that realm's firmament.[2a]
  • Aqshy is said to have a fiery firmament.[3]
  • Before Sigmar's arrival to the realms Dracothion caught Mallus and set it in the firmament.[6]
  • During the Time of Tribulations, Sigmar cast hundreds of comets through the Aetheric Void. With the exception of Azyr, one could look up to the firmament to see an azure meteor shower.[4]
  • After the Shyish Necroquake, Lunaghast and the Bad Moon fought in the firmament.[5]