Festival of Memory

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The Festival of Memory, or the Night of Memory, is a festival held in the Free City of Brightspear, it is held in remembrance of all those who died during the Necroquake.[1a]

Food and Drink

Stalls line the festival area around the Fallen Spire. These stalls offer a wide selection of treats such as skull and bone shaped cinnamon candy, ash brandy, as well as roasted and candied nuts.[1b]


The Fallen Spire is an ancient Agloraxian monument that has collapsed and scattered into rubble, the people of Brightspear inscribe the names of those who have died on the stones and scatter their ashes on the stones, to feed the orange flowers sprouting from the rubble.[1b]

During the Festival of Memory people will gather around the rubble, with candles and torches to bring light to the night. This gathering is part of the official civic celebration of the festival, and will include feasting on candy, playing games, and private remembrances of lost loved ones. The festivities culminate in a grand service by Devoted Brother Andor. The good priest's service includes hymns, prayers, and a list of everyone lost that year.[1b]

The following is a short list of traditional Festival of Memory games:

  • Chili Roulette: Contestants take pieces of skull-shaped candy from a bowl, with nearly one in every three containing hot chilis. The game is won by eating a spiced piece without flinching. The prize is typically a cheap toy or trinket.[1b]
  • Names of the Dead: The game begins when the first contestant says ‘Tonight we remember our beloved dead…’, adding a name of a lost loved one and a deed to remember them by. Each consecutive player repeats the list and adds a new name and deed, each contestant must remember and repeat the whole litany to remain in the game. The last player to remain wins a trinket.[1b]
  • Banishment: The game involves one player acting as the 'living' and the rest as the 'dead'. The players designated as 'dead' must creep up on the 'living' player without being noticed, if the 'living' player turns around and catches a 'dead' player moving, that 'dead' player is out. The first 'dead' player to touch the 'living' one wins a trinket.[1b]

Other Celebrations

Festivities and celebrations are held all throughout Brightspear during the Festival of Memory. Such as vigils held outside the Bleak Stockade or celebrations held within popular pubs and bars, many private celebrations are held by facilities and families throughout the city.[1c]