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The Dukedom of Festerfane is one of the seven Blighted Duchies ruled over by the Blightsome Order of the Fly, a corrupted chivalric order serving Nurgle.[1a]


Age of Chaos

When the Lady of Cankerwall came to the lands that would become the Blighted Duchies, the lords of the land that would become known as Festerfane were promised a Lord-Duke would always govern their land, they pledged oaths of service to Nurgle in exchange for this promise.[1b]

Since that day the lords of Festerfane have fought in Nurgle's name and participated in many of the Order of the Fly's Pox-Crusades.[1b][1c]


The Dukedom of Festerfane is ruled over by a feudal lord known as the Lord-Duke of Festerfane. Long ago the Dukes of the land swore oaths of allegiance to Nurgle, in exchange for a promise there would always be a Duke of Festerfane.[1b]


The military of Festerfane is comprised largely of levies of armsmen drawn from the peasantry, these levies are commanded by knights of the Order of the Fly.[1a]


Though it is considered a blighted tumor on the Realm of Ghyran, some food grows in Festerfane, Such as the black apples cultivated in its orchards.[1d]


The majority of the duchy's population are mortals that venerate Nurgle, many of whom have become Nurgle Rotbringers.[1a]



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