Fervid Fang

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The Fervid Fang is a clawpack of Plague Monks of the Clans Pestilens [1a]

They are infected with a special strain of Groansplice Pox which means that they can survive and regrow from any injury as long as their hearts are not destroyed. The process is however incredibly painful and they are all raving mad from their experiences. [1a]


Age of Chaos

During the War of Life, they fought in many important battles including hacking their way through the walls of the greenhold of Yillith. They devoured the Sylvaneth soul pods and then turned on their former allies, the Rotbringers of Lord Gortulpus the Thrice-spattered. They followed Threxiphane the Malignificant, a Verminlord Corruptor up the Vinecoil as he tore the heart out of Eyshir. [1a]


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