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Felyndael, the Guardian of the Waning Light, is a Sylvaneth Noble Spirit of House Lathrien of Heartwood Glade. He fought in many conflicts during the Age of Chaos.[1a]


The long waning of his race over the Age of Chaos has made him cold and vengeful, though he never gave up his dream of striking back at the despoilers of his people's lands. With the rebirth of Alarielle at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar, he is finally able to work toward accomplishing his dream.[1a]


He carries a blade crafted from the last remnants of the living pinnacle of Mount Moonsong.[1a]


Felyndel has led his band of Tree-Revenants to victory many times and fought in many of the brutal battles of the Age of Chaos. In addition to the battle at Mount Moonsong, he fought at the Third Harvest and at the pyrrhic victory at the Crucible of Life.[1a]


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