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Three Fell Bat miniatures

Fell Bats are bloated, oversized bats used by the Soulblight vampires. They are carrion feeders, growing to their tremendous size from a diet of corrupt meat, rotting corpses, and dark magic. They can grow larger than a full grown human with powerful, broad leathery wingspans larger than that of a Chaos Warrior. [1a] [4a]

A Fell Bat is able to hunt without sight or sound, sensing their prey by sensing the sound of blood gushing through veins. This has made them subject to many a superstition in areas like the Prime Innerlands of Shyish, with it being said one can divine their fortune by seeing how many Fell Bats are conveying around the cathedral spires. [4a]


Fell Bats' jaws and sharp elongated fangs are strong enough to pierce flesh, shatter bone and then drain and slurp the gushing blood of their prey. The scent of gore from a slain enemy sends Fell Bats into a vicious frenzy.[1a][1b][2][3a][3b] When a Fell Bat is "full", they will return to the cave-lairs of their masters, at which point they will regurgitate the stolen blood into bowls so that their master may sup upon it. [4a]



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