Fangs of Decay

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The Fangs of Decay were a set of seven fortresses raised by Rotbringers in the Foetid Wash to corrupt one of the Lifewells of Ghyran.[1a] The task of defending the Fangs was given to Torglug the Despised, once a defender of the Lifewell but now corrupted to the Plague God's service.[1a] The fortresses were protected by sorcerous safeguards that would destroy the keeps and any attackers in a tide of feculence should the defenders be overrun.[1b]

At the dawning of the Age of Sigmar, a rain of life washed over the Foetid Wash and a Sylvaneth wargrove attacked the Fangs from the forests that sprung up in the rain's wake.[1a] The assault succeeded in killing or driving away the defenders and bringing down the fortresses to liberate the Lifewell, though most of the wargrove was wiped out either during the fight or when the safeguard activated.[1b]