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The Faneway is the pinnacle of shadeglass technology; a labyrinth of souls in which the Katophranes persisted beyond death.[1b] Within the Faneway, the souls of the departed retained an immortal consciousness, allowing them to communicate with the living from the other side of the shadeglass the covered the entirety of Shadespire. Within the Faneway, the dead did not perceive time and always existed in the time in which they passed.[1a] The techno-artisan Kemos, the creator of the Mirrored Automaton, was a member of the great syndicate that conspired to construct the Faneway Mirror, the shadeglass construct used to deliver souls to the Faneway. It was by its use that Nagash was denied his due souls and the reason he had cursed the great city.[1a] When Shadespire was first cast into the twilight between Ulgu and Hysh the great Faneway Mirror was shattered[1e]. Since then, various Katophranes have sought the shards of the Faneway Mirror for various reasons. Some have sought to repair the mirror, promising those trapped in the Mirrored City an oppurtunity to escape. Others Katophranes instead seek out these shards to keep it from being repaired and use them to build monuments to Nagash.[1c] However, for some Katophanes these shards may simply be used to keep score in a never-ending game played against their peers.[1d]

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