Face of Khaine

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The Face of Khaine is an war-mask crafted by the Daughters of Khaine in the Age of Myth. It was lost to them for an age, hidden in a Stormvault in Ulgu's Caverns of Abyssal Silence, until the Necroquake revealed the vault.[1a][1b]

Appearance and Composition

The Face is a war-mask in the likeness of Khaine's screaming face made of (what the Khainites presumed to be) purest gold with unusual arcane potency. Unknown to the Khainites, the gold used was ur-gold, sacred to Fyreslayers.[1a][1b]


The mask is heavily enchanted with potent prayers of devastation.[1a][1b]


The Face of Khaine is believed to be cursed.[2a]