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F'tanax is a Lord of Change. He was bound to the service of Be'lakor against his will and played a major role in several of the battles leading up to the creation of the Cursed Skies.[1a][2a]


F'tanax is patient and observant and a master illusions and misdirection. He prefers sowing distrust and corruption behind the scenes instead of attacking directly, and his favoured tactic is to send horrific and confusing images at his foes.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

Be'lakor manipulates the summoning of F'tanax and binds him using his true name. [1a]

Battle of Tepok's Eye

The Dark Master grants the Lord of Change command of a force of similarly bound Daemons of Tzeentch and Tzeentch Arcanites and tasks him, along with the Bloodthirster Kazarkos and his Khornate forces, to attack the seraphon mountain fortress guarding Tepok's Eye, an ancient prophetic device built by the Old Ones.[1a]

F'tanax ensures that his troops are sufficiently far from Kazarkos' so as to avoid unintended bloodshed, so when Kazarkos and his followers are ambushed by a force of Saurus Knights in the jungles in the mountain foothills, the Tzeentchians are not attacked. While Kazarkos and his Khornates eagerly enter battle, F'tanax and his army begin their ascent of the mountain. They successfully overcome an ambush led by the Skink Chief Yutemoc and many of the ambushers are sucked into the Realm of Chaos by F'tanax's magic.[1a]

Once at the summit, F'tanax attempts to destroy Tepok's Eye, but is stopped by the Slann Starmaster Olhupec and is forced to engage in a sorcerous duel. Despite Kazarkos oafishly blundering into F'tanax's spell, the Lord of Change overwhelms the slann's magical defences, allowing the Bloodthirster to decapitate Olhupec. Kazarkos then turns his rage on F'tanax. The two Greater Daemons destroy Tepok's Eye in their fighting before Be'lakor appears to restrain them for the next phase of his plan.[1a]

Battle of the Golden Gate

F'tanax and Kazarkos are joined by the Great Unclean One Gebbolax for the assault on the Gate of White Gold. While the other two Greater Daemons engaged the defenders of the realmgate directly, F'tanax leads a cabal of Heralds of Tzeentch in an attempt to destroy the realmgate. Eventually, his magic causes the realmgate to collapse, unleashing the Cursed Skies.[2b][2c]

Siege of Vindicarum

The Lord of Change joins Be'lakor's army for the attack on Vindicarum. He causes destruction throughout the city until the latter stages of the siege when a Kharadron sky-fleet arrives to relieve the defenders; among the warriors of the fleet are a number of Fyreslayers from Gulgrymstok, a vassal hold of Vostarg that had been destroyed when their realmgate exploded due to the fallout from the destruction of the Gate of White Gold. Seeking to avenge the fall of their magmahold, the Fyreslayers hacked F'tanax down despite the horrific injuries he inflicted on many of them.[2d]


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