Eyes of the Nine

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{{{3}}} Eyes of the Nine
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Grand Alliance Chaos
Faction Disciples of Tzeentch
Daemons of Tzeentch
Tzeentch Arcanites
Leader Vortemis the All-seeing
Members K'charik
Blue Horrors
Brimstone Horrors

The Eyes of the Nine are a Tzeentch Arcanite warband led by Vortemis the All-Seeing. They have dwelt within the Mirrored City for centuries, serving the will of the Gaunt Summoners of the Silver Towers.[1] The Eyes of the Nine seek to convert captured shadeglass relics into beacons of arcane power, sorcerous lodestones that will anchor Shadespire to the Silver Towers and spill forth the madness of the Realm of Chaos. Should they succeed, Tzeentch will surely claim dominion over the Mirrored City entire.[4]



Vortemis, his Tzaangor lieutenant K'charik and the twin Kairic Acolytes Narvia and Turosh have long roamed the Mirrored City of Shadespire. They serve at the will of the Gaunt Summoners, the nine masters of the mysterious Silver Towers. Ever since the city fell, Vortemis has sought to open a portal between hidden Shadespire and one of those twisted, labyrinthine fortresses. All his efforts have thus far been in vain. Yet with the unravelling of magic in the Mortal Realms, a new opportunity has arisen.[4]


After centuries of dwelling and scheming within the Mirrored City, the Eyes of the Nine found themselves within the living mountain of Beastgrave, where the Katophrane Curse had spread and opened a bi-directional pathway between Beastgrave and the Mirrored City. According to Vortemis, this event was a blessing from the Changer of Ways who had broken open their cell in order to guide them to their destiny. During this time they encountered other prowling warbands, initially being attacked by Skaeth's Wild Hunt. After determining that Beastgrave woven into the root of Ghur itself, Vortemis became determined to replicate his plans for Shadespire upon all of Ghur itself.[6]


Vortemis the All-Seeing

Main article: Vortemis

Vortemis the All-Seeing is the Magister who leads the Eyes of the Nine. Working on the behalf of the Gaunt Summoners, he plots and schemes to directly connect key sites of power to the Silver Towers of the Tzeentch.[1]


Main article: K'charik

K'charik is a Tzaangor who is bound by fate to Vortemis and his bound to obey his commands. K'charik suffers Vortemis' rule only grudgingly. Through the blessings of Tzeentch, he recalls with perfect clarity every life, every defeat, every victory and defeat he experienced since entering Shadespire, which makes him powerful indeed.[5]


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Narvia is a Kairic Acolyte who was raised up from the Arcanite cults Vortemis had seeded when Nagash turned Shadespire into an escapable tomb. Whereas most children outgrew their paltry rivalries, her and her twin brother had embraced their opposition as an unholy mandate.[6] Narvia's mind overflows with labyrinthine schemes. She plans to sieze Shadespire for herself, and to rise to power at the expense of her principle rival, Turosh.[5]


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Turosh is a Kairic Acolyte and chief rival of his twin sister Narvia. Turosh is motivated by cruel and selfish ambition. His every thought and deed is calculated to aid him in the accumulation of sorcerous power at the expense of his hated rival.[5]

Blue Horror

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Brimstone Horror

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