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The Exiles are the embittered and cruel aelves that wander the Mortal Realms, bringing death to every mortal they meet. Emerging from the darkened places of the realms, these swift and viscous warbands of warriors engage in lightning raids and leave ravaged corpses piled high in their wake, only to vanish as quickly as they came like smoke melting away in the breeze. They are only ostensibly allies of Sigmar, and in truth serve the shadowy Malerion and themselves.[1]


Akin to the Wanderers which encompass the former Wood Elves army list, the Exiles encompass the former Dark Elves army list. However, this army list's model are now largely represented by other aelf factions: Order Serpentis, Shadowblades, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers, and Daughters of Khaine.[1]


Grand Alliances and factions
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