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Exalted Heroes are champions of the Slaves to Darkness whose skill at arms and bravery has attracted the fickle curiosity of the Dark Gods. These Glory-hungry warriors seek out worthy foes, usually monsters and champions, to prove their might and rise to the rank of Chaos Lord.[1][2a][2b]


Each one of them is equal to a score of lesser men and the determination to gain godly favour sees them take on any challenge without hesitation. Exalted Heroes also attract warbands of followers seeking to bask in the champion's reflected glory. Thus many Chaos Lords may attract them to serve in their hordes where they often act as enforcers for the Godsworn Overlord, leading their warriors on pillaging raids or using their martial skills to anchor a battleline. [1]

They believe that only by triumphing over the greatest foes can they achieve the greatest renown, often duelling rival champions to prove their god's supremacy and add the defeated champion's warriors to their own warband. They loathe those who seek to oppose the gods of Chaos and they are hacked down by the Exalted in a whirlwind of blows.[1]

The Dark Gods will often provide them with dark blessings that protect the Exalted Heroes from damage.[2b]


Exalted Heroes carry a pair of Chaos Death-axes or a Rune-etched Blade paired with a shield to use in combat.[2a][2b]

After defeating the enemy commander the Exalted Hero will use a ritual, Thrice-damned Dagger to carve out the enemy's heart. They can then hold the gory trophy aloft, beseeching the Dark Gods for a reward or consuming it to inherit the might of the slain creature.[1][2a][2b]

Mark of Chaos

Chaos Warshrines can have the following Marks of Chaos:




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