Lord of Change

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Lord of Change
Pict Lord of Change.jpg
A Lord of Change with Brimstone Horrors at his feet.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Daemons of Tzeentch
Disciples of Tzeentch
Origins Tzeentch's creation
Languages Dark Tongue
Type Daemon
Average lifespan Immortal

Lords of Change are Greater Daemons of Tzeentch, potent sorcerers in their own right. They are beings born of pure magic, that flicker and shimmer with arcane energies bound to the will of the God of Change.[1a][1b][2][3]


Lords of Change are superb spellcasters, able to use sorcery as easily as a mortal breaths, good enough to be able to steal the spells of their opponents. Amongst their many magical abilities, the most famous is their Infernal Gateway spell, allowing them to create tendrils of magic that rend the fabric of reality and opening a screaming portal to the Crystal Labyrinth in the Realm of Chaos, pulling nearby warriors to their doom. Other abilities include summoning whirling tempests of change and mutation, hurling enemies into nightmare and blasting foes with wyrdfires of Tzeentch or deadly, multicoloured magical fires.[1a][1b][2][3]

Their wings grant them the ability to fly and they are often surrounded by Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. They can also act as beacons of sorcery, spreading their arms wide and saturating the area around him with magic, making it easier for any friendly Tzeentchian Daemonic Spellcaster to manipulate magic.[1a][2]


They have many armaments, on one hand they usually wield the Staves of Tzeentch topped with either a symbol of tzeentch or a flame blade, and on the other a Baleful Sword or a Rod of Sorceries, a tzeentchian wand capable of casting mutating rays. Lacking that they can use their wicked talons and curved beaks to make devastating damage.[1a][2][3]


These Greater Daemons are huge and imposing every part of their bodies covered in symbolism of Tzeentch. They have enormous wings, capable of flight, sinister heads with curved beaks and wicked talons on their hands.[2][3]

Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch

Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch are more powerful variants of the Lords of Change, armed only with a Staff of Tzeentch, and are the most malefic servants of the God of Change. They are master of magic, with an insatiable appetite for sorcerous knowledge and able to feed on arcane manifestations so that they are able to instantly perfect new forms of spellcraft. Their ability to act as a beacon of sorcery reaches far wider than other Lords of Change.[1b]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kairos Fateweaver Daemons of Tzeentch Oracle of Tzeentch Lord of Change A master of disguise and transformation sowing confusion and misdirection across the Mortal Realms and Realm of Chaos alike.
Niz'roppxl Daemons of Tzeentch Lord of Change Lord of Change He usurped the King's Mountain to create his own domain, a Shifting Kingom that phased between realm and spreading entropic energies to all beneath it. This campaign was halted by the Maelstrom of Light.




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