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The Everspring Swathe is one of the larger regions of the Realm of Ghyran containing multiple continents and oceans.The jade kingdoms of the Everspring were once a haven for the cycle of life. During the Age of Myth, Alarielle made her home here.[1b]


Aqua Ghyranis, one of the main tradegoods of the Everspring Swathe


There are twelve seasons in this part of the Realm: rebirth, springseed, naive hope, the blooming, the burgeoning, the mellowing, the reaping, secret remorse, the dwindling, the great lack, everdusk and death. [2a]

The Twin Kingdoms

The Twin Jade Kingdoms of Thyria and Verdia have a strange relation. Every plant and animal life in Verdia are female, while those in Thyria are male. During the passing of seasons, the wildlife of these two lands travel across the Triske Isles to mate and to hunt. In their wake, Hunters often follow these trails of beasts. Alarielle tolerates those that pay tribute to nature. But those that waste life are taken away by her Sylvaneth.[14a]

Not only the animals of these lands mate. The two lands themselves mate and birth new continents. The twin lands of Neos and Decrepita as well as the land of Invidia formed from the union of Thyria and Verdia in the Age of Myth.[1b]


Ghyran is rich with natural resources. One of the most valuable is the famed Aqua Ghyranis from Verdia[1b]. The life giving waters of these lands has become extremely sought after in the lands of the Great Parch in the Realm of Aqshy. Large quantities are imported trough the Stormrift Realmgate in Hammerhal everyday[1c].


Age of Myth

  • Intrigued by the strange relation of Verdia and Thyria, Alarielle takes residence in the all female realm of Verdia. [1b]
  • Born from the union of Thyria and Verdia, Alarielle seeds the newborn lands of Neos and Decrepita with Sylvaneth Soulpods. Soon the lands are inhabited by joyful Oakenbrow in Neos, and bitter Dreadwood in Decrepita. A small rivalry between the different lands quickly arose, but turned sour and into bitter hate not long after, as only a few children are born each year in cold Decrepita, the people of the land turned to Neos to steal children and Soulpods for themselves.[1b]
  • Perhaps attracted by another being from the World-that-Was, the Oak of Ages Past finally settles in Verdia near Alarielle and the Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd, after an age of drifting trough the Void.[1b]
  • Following the Oak, Sigmar arrives in the Everspring Swathe and brings civilization to the primitive tribes living there. Soon enough, the Sylvaneth and Humans of the Swathe work together to raise mighty cities among the trees and groves of the land.[1b]
  • For a long time the different people of the Swathe lived in peace but at one point the harmony was disturbed and cracks appeared. Sylvaneth accused the humans of breaking their agreements and covenants, while humans believed some of the forest spirits stole away their livestock or children in the dark. Harmony turned to mistrust, turned to open hostilities.[1b]
  • Under the guise of a diplomatic visit, Nagash brings his armies to the land of Decrepita. Trough Realmgates known as the Gates Mortis, massive hordes of Undead pour into the land, barely kept at bay by the Dreadwood Sylvaneth. Only Sigmars intervention prevents an all out war in the region.[1b]
  • Unbeknownst to Sigmar, Alarielle soon after negotiated an agreement with Nagash directly. In exchange for peace between the two, the Everqueen ceased the lands of Decrepita the the great Necromander.[1b]
  • The Idoneth Queen Gwyth Banríoc of Dhom-hain raids the coast of the Tendril Sea and the Sylvaneth living there. In a deceisive battle, the Queen is slain by Alarielle herself. Her relic Bánmhar, the white blade, was lost that day. Many expeditions have been sent to reclaim this blade, but none were succesful so far. [13a]
  • Far away from Verdia and Alarielle, Kurnoth make his home in the lands of Kurnotheal, spending the year hunting the great beasts of the land. Only in spring does he return to the Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd and his wife Alarielle.[1b]
  • Neither the Sylvaneth nor the commanders of the Undead in Decrepita follow the agreed on truce for long. Soon enough hostilities erupt again between the living and the dead in Decrepita, but also against he lands of Neos.[1b]
  • Attracted by the riches of the lands, the Godbeast Behemat crosses the sea into the Evergreen Swathe. Here he feasts on the beasts of the lands, filling his belly and vomiting out an entire tribe of Gargants that soon take residence on the Great Green Torc. Behemat himself, exhausted from his feat, falls asleep. His resting body turning into whole mountain ranges.[1b]
  • The Jadewound in Neos pulsates with life energy. This surge of Ghyran energy causes the Sap Volcanoes of Erosia to erupt, the Quogmia Mountains burrow the city of Aelfgrove under layers of tree sap.[1b]

Age of Chaos

  • Nurgle prepares his invasion of the Realm of Ghyran by sending plague flies to spy on the inhabitants of the realm. Insects are so common in the realm of life that not even the Sylvaneth register the plague gods spies.[1b]
  • The invasions begins with the forces of Nurgle pouring in through captured Realmgates, rifts in reality or Gnawholes of Clans Pestilens, quickly overwhelming the unprepared defenders of the realm.[1b]
  • In Thyria, Rotigus Rainmaker drowns the sunny highlands in torrents of rain. Many of the local tribes have worshiped various rain gods for generations, and were quickly turned to worship the Great Unclean One.[1b]
  • The Sylvaneth are the first to rally and form some organized resistance against the forces of Nurgle. While many daemons fall before the armies of Ghyran, their human and Aelfs allies suffer greatly under Nurgle's plagues[1b]
  • Ethrac Glott, eldest of the Glottkin, introduces a species of daemonfishs, the Hagfish Curse into the Sea of Elemental Truths. The magical Aqua-Ghyranis boosts their growth even further and soon enough the fish beasts are able to destroy ships all by themselves, isolating Verdia from its northern neighbors.[1b]
  • A strain of sentient seaweed entangles the lands of Invidia, preventing any access from the sea.[1b]
  • Bloab Rotspawned and his legion of Daemons and Mortals invade the lands of Decrepita. Emissaries race to the lands of Neos, pleading before the Dryads and tribes for assistance in their fight, but the violent history between the two lands causes them to reject their pleads.[1b]
  • Not long after, Morbidex Twiceborn also invades the lands of Neos. Turning the lush forests into rotting mulch and making quick work of the quarreling tribes of the lands.[1b]
  • Sent by the High-Oracle Morathi herself, Hag Queen Tayrathi of the Kraith travels to Invidia to reclaim the Crimson Scianlar, a dagger tempered in the blood of Khaine. In the Caverns of Aoch deep below Invidia she meets the Exalted Deathbringer Ugtai and his warband. The sound of fierce fighting echoes trough the jungle caverns, but in the end Tayrathi retrieves the dagger from a pool of boiling blood and slays Ugtai.[15a]
  • During the battle at the Fork of the Minuet, the river tribes of norhtern Invidia defeat a host of Nurgle Daemons, but their fallen, rotting bodies contaminate the river. With the water and the local wildlife corrupted, the river tribes are facing hunger and thirst. In their desperation they pray to all and any gods and beings. Including Rotigus Rainmaker, who sends a torrent of ooze. The few tribes people that survived the downpour became a horde of Nurgle worshippers known as the Grey Deluge.[9a]
  • More and more Aelfs in Neos and Verdia believe the war in Ghyran to be lost. Instead of dying for a lost cause, they decide to use a network of hidden pathways to escape to the Realm of Azyr. Leaving the Sylvaneth to fend for themselves.[1b]
  • In Erosia an Ironjawz warclan is lead trough the Witherdwell foothills by the machinations of the Seraphon of Dracothian's Tail. Every time the Orruks are about to face an army, the Seraphon deny them the opportunity. In the end, the Ironjawz come across a Sylvaneth fortress under siege by a legion of Khorne worshippers. Hungry for battle, both armies race into battle. In the end, both sides have completely annihilated each other, and the Sylvaneth and their precious Soulpods are saved.[11a]
  • In a grand ritual of pestilence Horticulous Slimux turns the Hind Sea into an ocean of rotting mulch, opening a way to the lands of Kurnotheal. Kurnoth and the Heartwood Glade Sylvaneth defended Kurnotheal, but as he was in his winter season he was too weak to resist the forces of Nurgle. He was ultimately defeated and slain in the Battle of Tears by the servants of the Plague God, led by Horticulous Slimux. His spear and what remained of his body was rescued by what remained of his forces. As they escaped, their forces were slowly reduced until only a single Dryad managed to return to Alarielle with his remains.[7a] This spear is now wielded by Alarielle in battle. She also uses it to commune with her soul consort Kurnoth during certain seasons and lunar cycles [7b].
  • Phalanx of the Briomdar raid the forests of the Mantle Coast in Erosia to decimate the local Beastmen tribes. While there is animosity between the Idoneth Deepkin and the Sylvaneth, even the Aelfs can't stand seeing the Beasts of Chaos defile the lands.[13a]
  • While Horticulous Slimux invaded Kurnotheal, some of his daemons stayed back to take the Gravidian Realmgate. With foul magic they opened a direct connection to the Garden of Nurgle, unable to take all this, the Realmgate burst and split into three parts. Each of them opening a wound in the fabric of the Realm, the Reality Sores. Soon enough these wounds became strongholds of the plague god and the base for their conquest of Invidia.[1b]
  • Strained by the Hagfish Curse and the corruption of Nurgle, a part of Verdias coastline breaks off from the mainland. The lands, now known as the Peel become a stronghold of the Fimir.[1b]
  • The Triske Isles, three islands connecting Thyria and Verdia, are conquered by a trio of Chaos Wizards and renamed the Squelchlobe Nations, Vyras, Bloth and Undergut. With the Isles Sylvaneth defenders slain, the three Wizards spent the time quarrelling with each other.[1b]
  • As the different Sylvaneth Glades slowly unite against the invaders, the Glottkin intensify their search for Alarielle and her Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd.[1b]
  • The Oak of Ages Past, a reminder of the World-That-Was, is defiled by the forces of Nurgle. The filth of the Great Unclean One Pupa Grotesse turns the River Vitalis into a stream of sludge, now known as the Gelid Gush.[1b]
  • As Nurgle's power in Ghyran grows, Alarielle becomes more and more despondent, isolating herself in Athelwyrd. Outnumbered, the Sylvaneth wage a desperate guerrilla war against the invaders. Slowly, one by one, their hidden fortresses are sought out and destroyed, until only the Hidden Vale of Athelwyrd remains.[1b]
  • Without any real enemy left to fight, the forces of Nurgle turn on each other. For generations, the Plague God reigned over the Everspring Swathe, without anyone to challenge his rule.[1b]

Age of Sigmar


Everspring Swathe map 01.jpg


The Everspring Swath has the following landmasses:

  • Aquia[1a]
  • Decrepita: A relatively young jade kingdom born from the mating of Thyria and Verdia. It is a freezing land where dwindling and decline rules supreme. In this jade kingdom, every year all living things freeze and die only to be reborn again each spring. However it is difficult for new life to be born here. The inhabitants of Decrepita are cold-hearted and bitter tribes, as well as the hateful and spiteful Sylvaneth of the Dreadwood glade. They are jealous of the joyful peoples of Neos, Every new year the ice-people of Decrepita take to the Tendril Sea and raid the shores of Neos. Stealing away newborns and soulpods with which to give life to their own barren lands.[1a]
  • Erosia[1a]
  • Humidia[1a]
  • Invidia: The island formerly known as Irridia was one of three created from the union of Thyria and Verdia. It was a fecund and fertile land, though it and the Princelings who called it home were often caught in the conflicts between Neos and Decrepita. It's name was changed during the Age of Chaos, when Horticulous Slimux conquered this land in it's entirety, by corrupting the Gravidian Realmgate,the corruption was so potent that the Realmgate was split into three pieces, becoming the massive sores in reality, known as the Canker Pits. The daemonic forces of Nurgle pour out from the fortresses that spring up around the Canker Pits causing The Garden of Nurgle to grow across the land. And so was Irridia renamed Invidia, a land of rotting horrors.[1a]
  • Kurnotheal: This is the domain of Kurnoth, the hunter god. It is a land of countless beast, where Kurnoth and his Wild Hunt can chase down spiralhorn, vernadyr, and goliath to their hearts content.[1a]
  • Neos: A relatively young jade kingdom born from the mating of Thyria and Verdia. It is a hyper-verdant land of eternal spring and youth, at its heart is a huge geomantic birthmark in the shape of the Coil of Life. The inhabitants of this jade kingdom are ever joyful youthful tribes and the proud and noble Sylvaneth of the Oakenbrow glade and beautiful shape-shifting dove maidens. They live in harmony with one another, a land free of internal strife.[1a]
  • Quogmia[1a]
  • Thyria: A jade kingdom dominated by the immeasurable Hollow Forest and where Alarielle built The Living City. All animal and plant life here is male.[1a]
  • Verdia: A jade kingdom were Alarielle took up residence and all life here is female. Every birth season the land itself and it's inhabitants mate with the land and inhabitants of Thyria.[1a]
  • Yska[1a]


The Everspring Swathe shortly after the Realmgate Wars

Bodies of Water


Notable Settlements

Forces of Order defending the Living City