Evered Halorecht

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This page contains spoilers for: Obsidian (short story)

Evered Halorecht was a young Soulblight vampire and heir to House Halorecht in Nulahmia.[1]


He was the son of Nagra Halorecht and as the first born mortal of the bloodline was gifted with the Soulblight curse.[1]

Evered fell in love with another vampire noble, Karya Treveign, the sole heir to a rival house and they carried on their romance in secret before appealing to their Queen, Neferata to be allowed to marry, knowing that even their parents would not dare forestall her wishes. The Mortarch of Blood granted their request and they were married in the Grand Chapel of Night’s Hunger but barely had the vows been exchanged and the slaves for each others houses been drained of blood when violence errupted. [1]

Both Evered and his mother were killed during the conflict.[1]


Hope. I can do that. You have taught me how. You have shown me that there is such a thing, and that it is strong.

~Evered to Karya.[1a]


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