Everblaze Comet

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The Everblaze Comet is a Endless Spell of Azyrite magic used by the wizards of the Stormcast Eternals. It manifests as a shooting star that crashes into the enemy lines with devastating impact.[1]


The spell can only be summoned by a Stormcast Eternal wizard who reaching an arm to the heavens, calls down a pure comet of radiant Azyrite energy from the Firmament. It will then crash into the foe's ranks with a devastating effect.[1][2]


An Everblaze Comet smashes into the battlefield with such tremendous force that embeds itself into the ground. Even after crashing this meteoric rock continues to radiate a corona of deadly Azyrite energies. These emanations not only wound nearby enemies, but also disrupts the arcane abilities of nearby wizards.[1][2]