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Idoneth fighting within the ethersea

The Ethersea is a magical phenomenon created by the Isharann Tidecasters, which summons a spectral sea.[1e]


The ethersea cannot be described as a particular thing, but a sense of memory of a place long gone. A basin of collective longing filled with the waters of a world consumed.[3a] While it is the Tidecasters who are responsible for the summoning the ethersea, any within the Isharann mystic class may summon or utilize its power.[1a] The ethersea allows Idoneth Deepkin the ability to march upon dry line, making them appear as if they are still in their underwater realm. Their enemies may start to feel a shortness of breath and will be weighed down by the crushing pressure of the deeps. Light will refract in strange ways around the Idoneth aelves while creatures and terrain from the Idoneth Enclaves will begin to materialise on the battlefield.[1e]

Rituals and Spells

The Idoneth Deepkin have no need of gods, having forsaken their creator god-mage Teclis centuries ago. Instead, they put their faith in the eldritch power of the ethersea, trusting in it to guide and protect them.[2a] Via the art of miracles[1c] or spellcasting[1d], Isharann priests and wizards may summon the power of the ethersea to erode away obstacles, summon tempests, and many other powers found within the ethersea's abyssal power.[2a]

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