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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

The Eternity of Torment was a Black Ark and the flagship of Fleetmaster Zarkland Zenthe[1]

A vast fortress city built atop a sea monster - the Ghorvorasc, it had many great towers that like its walls often blazed with purple fire. The walls of the city are black iron. [1a]

The ship was accompanied by a swarm of lesser predatory creatures that consumed the feast of corpses it left in its wake. [1b]


  • Docks: Inside the city there was a vast cavern that contained a fleet of Reaver-ships that could be unleashed on its foes by lowering an armoured plate. It also offered safe dock for visitors. [1e]
  • Feeding Pit: Here the vast quantity of food needed by the Ghorvorasc was thrown to one of its mouths. It would prove to be the weak point of the city when the Heart of Winter was thrown into the vast maw, it turned the gigantic creature to ice and in its death throes it tore the city apart. [1j]
  • Kar Narakath: The Tyrants Rise, the home of House Zenth. A black stone keep that rose above six other tall towers, connected by bridges and walkways. At the very top of the tower was a huge statue of an armoured aelf on his throne made from the screaming slaves of other races. [1g] The dining chamber had a great stone chamber, the throne of the lord of the city cloaked in the skins of Aelves, Duardin and humans. Here the Twilight Cabal would gather. [1h]
    • Tower of Norond: Where Arika was raised and later Vizrin Kyre had quarters. [1i]
  • Khrel Nazth: Temple–arena of the Daughters of Khaine, the residence of High Priestess Vhorskaya and her sisterhood. Even the decadent and dangerous crew of the Eternity feared this place, screams from its depths and the blood-pit cages often echoing across the city. [1e]
  • Pleasure Quarter: Although stalked by spies and assassins in the service of the lord of the ship, many Scourge nobles flocked to this place, to the many flesh houses, drawn by the decadence and illusory freedom to indulge themselves within the incense shrouded buildings and streets. Slaves of many races stand shackled, painted and perfumed, guarded by masked warriors. [1g]
  • Sewer runoff The lower levels disposed of the dead and dying via these, the filth and rubbish, running down into the ocean via channels in the hide of the Ghorvorasc. Brine-Slugs and Corpse-Crawlers infest them. [1c]
  • Slave Pits: Hundreds of cages hold the captives on which the crew prey upon, have sport with or provide income in trade. [1d]
  • Watch Towers: The city-ship boasted many of these, each of which had a dozen bolt throwers. [1a]



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