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Saurus Guard with an Eternity Warden behind them.

Saurus Eternity Wardens are the Saurus warriors assigned the sacred task of protecting the Slann Starmasters.[1b]


A Slann Starmaster may have hundreds of Saurus Guard to command, each protecting some crucial element of the Great Plan. However, few will be entrusted with the rank of Eternity Warden, because they are entrusted with what is perhaps the most sacred task: the defence of the Starmasters themselves.


When a slann takes to the field of battle they provide an irresistible target for the enemy. The presence of the Eternity Warden is what allows the other saurus commanders to focus on their battlefield strategies rather than constantly glancing back over their shoulder to protect their slann master.[1b]

The Eternity Wardens are also the ones who decide who will be permitted access to the slann. Their word on such a matter is inviolate, and if the Seraphon seeking audience with the slann cannot convince the Eternity Warden of the importance of their entreaties then they stand no chance of standing before the Starmasters.


It is noted that the slann's Eternity Warden protectors seem remarkably similar as the years go by, even down to the same wounds and fighting styles. Some skinks believe they are in not actually true Seraphon at all, but instead beings of pure Azyrite force who are forbidden to rest until the Great Plan is complete and the task of the slann is finally done.[2b]

The slann themselves magically summon these wardens from the stars. An Eternity Warden may have lived countless lifetimes of service to their slann master. Should an Eternity Warden fall in battle, they are conjured back to the Mortal Realms by their slann master, determined to fight harder for the protection of their master.[2]


The Eternity Warden alternates between still watchfulness and frenzied action, and those that stray too close are brutally bludgeoned by powerful swings of their star-stone mace. Even the blows they deliver are carefully made never to be overbalanced or overreaching, lest they leave their ward vulnerable. Saurus Guards will generally fight harder around Eternity Wardens, for to be founding lacking in conviction to their duty is considered a fate worse than death to these warriors.[2b]

If the situation demands, the Eternity Warden will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for their master. The number of tales of heroics performed by these alpha guardians, snatching triumph from the jaws of tragedy, are countless.[2b]



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