Eternal Conflagration

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The Eternal Conflagration are one of the daemonic Convocations of Tzeentch that currently have the favour of Tzeentch.[1a]


The leader of the Eternal Conflagration is known as the Radiant Lord, and is tasked with annihilating all who would thwart Tzeentch's plans.[1c]


The Eternal Conflagration favour the power of the pyroclasm as the best way to advance the plans of the Great Mutator. They send forth gouts of searing, mutatory wyrdflame to burn away their foes. In their wake, they leave nothing but piles of multicoloured ash or strange crystals.[1a]


Tzeentch sends the Eternal Conflagration forth when he desires all to burn in the fires of change. They make heavy use of Flamers in their never-ending quest; these daemons burn especially brightly in their armies, like multi-coloured suns, so bright it hurts to look at them.[1b][1c]


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