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Esske was a former human known as Esske the Scarred that ascended into a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh and formed a symbiotic bond with the Herald of Slaanesh known as Syll Lewdtongue to become part of the entity known as Syll'Esske.


Esske was a human that hailed from a darksome reality known in the Slaaneshi courts as the Land of the Forgotten, separate from the Mortal Realms and that of the World-That-Was. After taking the kingship of his tribe, Esske walked the spiral of decadence that led from the Land of the Forgotten to the Realm of Chaos and he fought his way to the outskirts of the Six Circles of seduction, intending to lay his axe before Slaanesh's divine throne. However Esske was led to the outermost Arenas around the outermost circle and there he was forced to fight various monsters taken from many realities conquered by Chaos.[3a]

Unable to free himself and sustained by the energies of the realm, Esske was trapped in an endless cycle till he caught the eye of Syll Lewdtongue. She forgot all of her past paramours at the sight of Esske and became his patron. Under her guidance Esske learnt the weaknesses of every creature and soon the two came close to the palace of Slaanesh. However Syll's rivals found her in a gluttonous torpor after a feast and she was violently slain. Her soul was banished from the Realm of Slaanesh for 666 years. [3a]

As his lover fought her way across the realms in the form of Soul Grinder, Esske continued as a gladiator until the fateful day that their tormentors conspired to bring them together in the arena. The two fought hard, neither knowing the other but as the giant champion was about to strike a mortal blow, he recognised something of her essence, scent and stayed his blade. He refused to fight her and dropped his axe, closing his eyes even as she rose up to strike him. [3a]

Ripping his eyes out and slitting his throat at the same time, she achieved her final tally and was released to return to her daemonette form but to her horror was confronted by the fallen form of Esske and the perverse glee of the spectators. Yet even as his soul began to drift away she inhaled it and then with a kiss breathed it back into his body, cutting her own wrist to spill her blood into his throat. Perhaps by the grace of their patron god - Esske lived again, but blinded. [3a]

The arena was invaded by the forces of Khorne and only by working together were they able to survive, their symbiotic relationship growing in power as they fought the enemies of their god. They fought together into the very Palace of Slaanesh, dispatching many bloodletter's and even defying a trio of Bloodthirster's in the throne room, fighting them to a standstill until the Greater Daemons were finally overwhelmed by a horde of Fiends. [3a]

In this they finally found great favour with the Dark Prince, who was delighted that he had not had to exert himself in swatting the intruders but rather a blind mortal and a broken daemonette had defeated such champions of the Blood God. The Chamber rang to his languid applause and the pair were remade by his glory both returned to the peek of their powers and beyond as Syll'Esske - the Vengeful Allegiance. They then went out into the court and the gardens and enacted bloody vengeance on those who had tormented them. [3a]


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