Equuis Main

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Equuis Main is the northernmost continent of the Ossiarch Empire. The continent is noted for its wide plains and windswept steppes and is the home of the Stalliarch Lords legion of Ossiarch Bonereapers.[1b]


  • The Stalliarch Lords[2a]
  • Some Khornate tribes still roam the plains. While Khornate dominion over the continent was ended by Katakros' campaigns and most of their bones were incorporated into the Stalliarch Lords, some were allowed to live so the Ossiarchs could continue to harvest their bones or test their skills as desired.[1b][2a]
  • Skeletal equine beasts race across the wastelands - in actuality, Bonereapers who failed in their duty and were transformed into beasts as their punishment. Their consciousness remains intact so that they can reflect on their failure.[2a]