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An Endrinrigger.

Endrinriggers are a type of airborne troops of the Kharadron Overlords and junior members of the Endrineers Guild.[1a]

Together with Skywardens, Endrinriggers are known as Skyriggers.[2a]


Endrinriggers are responsible for the maintenance of a skyfleet’s vessels and report directly to the fleet’s Admiral and Endrinmaster. In order to advance in the Guild endrinriggers must prove themselves and for that they will ignore danger to reach vessels and perform complex field repairs in the midst of battle.[1a]


Each Endrinrigger has a back-mounted aether-endrin that allows them to fly and mag-boots or skyhooks are used to attach themselves to the ships in order to conserve fuel. Endrinriggers carry repairing gear that can also be used as lethal weapons. Handheld pistols that fire red-hot rivets provide ranged power while aethermatic saws allow them to dismember enemies in close. Some carry grapnel launchers to drag enemies out of cover into the open so their allies can finish them off.[1a]


To float among the clouds is a wonder to be cherished. Almost as much as clapping eyes on a rich vein of aether-gold

~ Durbaaz Grumm of the Iron Dragon.[2a]



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