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Endrinmasters are senior members of the Endrineers Guild of the Kharadron Overlords who have proved their mech-mastery and ability to safeguard a fleet’s investments and given the responsibility of the upkeep of an expedition skyvessel. They take great pride in their duty and each Endrinmaster is keen to demonstrate the quality of their work.[1a]


Endrinmasters are responsible for complex field repairs even under the most harrowing of circumstances and commanding Endrinriggers. They are also deadly warriors whose capabilities are enhanced by their advanced technology.[1a][1b]


All major sky-ports host Guild-sanctioned endrineering schools and as apprentices to the powerful Endrineers Guild they they learn the arts of machining, metallurgy, shipwrighting and smithing, becomng well regarded and sought after on the sky-ports or the Free Cities of Sigmar. [2a]


For more information see: Aethercraft

Some Endrinmasters wear armour with an endrinharness supercharged with energy. This allows them to strike powerful blows with their Aethermight Hammers that are otherwise too heavy to be lifted. Others replace the Endrinharness with a dirigible harnesses powered by whirring aether-turbines to take flight. In addition to the Dirigible Suit Weapon Battery they carry Aethermatic Saws for both repairs and melee combat alongside an Aethercannon for long range bombardment. [1a][1c][1d]

All Endrinmasters are armed with the God's Eye, a lens-array capable of emitting a powerful and deadly energy beam.[1a]


It’s an aethermight hammer, but I’ve made the odd tweak here and there. No, lad! You can’t hold it. That’d be in direct violation of Artycle 7 Point 3 of my gunnery license from the Endrineer’s Guild

~ Brodrik Grundsson, Endrinmaster of the Thallazorn.[2a]




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