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The Emblem of the Endrineers Guilds.

The Endrineers Guild develops, tests and supplies advanced technology to the Kharadron Overlords. [1a]

Also known as the Guild of Endrineers and the Endrineering Guild. [1a]

The Guild is present throughout the Sky-ports with some sharing their new advances and breakthoughs with the other sky-ports, while others keep it for their own. Huge amounts of money (or eqivalent) can be made with the schematics for a new aethermatic device which makes corporate espionage and sabotage more common than many of the Overlords admit. [1a]

It is rare for the Kharadron to sell their equipment to anyone outside their culture but some such as the privateers of Barak-Mhornar can be willing to sell - for the right price. [1a]


For more information see: Aethercraft
  • Aether-rigs: Hefty flight suits and power sources which consist of layers of padding for comfort and safety as well as variety of harnesses, clips, cables, and sockets to plug in or attach other devices. They all contain power ingots cylinders which contain aether-gold which is the power source for all Kharadron equipment, the rig and ingots are able to conserving energy when it is not required and even harvest microscopic amounts of aethergold from the air if present. [1a]
    • Aether-endrins: Smallback mounted devices that allow the rig and its wearer to fly. [1a]
    • Aetheric Grenades: Handheld versions of the artillery used by Kharadron sky-fleets. [1a]
    • Aetheric Lense: The lenses enhances the wearer’s natural sight, see through the hull of a ship and examine the composition of natural and magical elements. [1a]
    • Aethermatic Saw. [1a]
    • Aethermatic Volley Gun. [1a]
    • Aethermight Hammer: So powerful a rig is needed to operate and control them. [1a]
    • Arkanaut Armour: Aether-gold enhanced and energised metal plates. [1a]
    • Atmospheric Anatomiser: Portable science lab able to draw in and sample gas from the air, it can also project it in several forms. [1a]
    • Drill Launcher: handheld version of the drill cannons found aboard Kharadron ships. [1a]
    • Endrinharness: Enhances the wearers strength - it was first developed to allow the use of the Aethermight Hammer. [1a]
    • God’s Eye: Originally developed to provide a hands-free welding tool, it can be used a weapon. [1a]
    • Grapnel Launcher: [1a]
    • Heavy Instruments: Hand held devices to monitor the local atmosphere. [1a]
    • Quadbreather: It also filters out any toxins in the air and also allows the wearer to smell Aether-gold at a considerable distance. [1a]
    • Rapid-fire Rivet Gun: For making repairs and combat. [1a]
    • Skyhook: A ether-powered harpoon, its solid steel tip connected to a strong, flexible metal cable which the wielder can then flick a switch to make the tip and cable to viciously recoil. [1a]
    • Skymine: The mines can be released to float in the air, exploding in a devastating aetheric blast. [1a]
    • Vulcaniser Pistol: Short ranged sidearm. [1a]


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