Emerald Lifeswarm

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An Emerald Lifeswarm spell being summoned.

Emerald Lifeswarms is a type of predatory Endless Spell made out of Ghyran's Magic, a manifestation of its healing animus. This spell takes the form a swarm of verdant insects surrounded by the buzzing sound of a thousand of tiny wings.[2] [1][2]


This spell is created by channelling arcane energies into the tiniest sparks of life surrounded by death and corruption, like rotting tree trunks and corpses or ponds of stagnant muck to summon this swarm of verdant insects.[1][2]


This healing spells buzzes across the realms, rapaciously seeks out the deceased and the fatally wounded with reckless abandon, uncaring for the battle and sorceries around them. Once they find the wounded, they fall upon them like a pack of scavengers, enveloping and squirming between the gaps of damaged flesh and bones to meld with living tissue, reknitting muscle and tendon, sealing skin and imparting vigour, of the wounded at blistering speeds. The deceased are imbued with new vitality, resurrecting them to life, while shearing diseased and decrepit flesh out of their bodies to sever poisons and disruptive magics completely, flesh which is then promptly devoured by the swarm to make more of it's kind. These effects are further amplified if the spell is found in the Realm of Life.[1][2]


When the first shock wave of the Shyish Necroquake hit Ghyran a gargantuan Lifeswarm formed in its edges. The learned think that the many Lifeswarms summoned across the battlefields of the realms are thought to be small pieces of this unfathomably large spell.[1]