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Elya is a child of Glymmsforge also known as the Queen of Cats. [1a]

Helped by her cats, she is always able to traverse the labyrinth of the Ten Thousand Tombs when Pharus thought even the Huntsmen of Azyr could not find their way through his maze without aid. [1a].


Elya is small, thin and dark haired and although ten or eleven years old she looks eight. Her clothes are loose and patched and she runs barefoot, her soles toughened by days at play on walls and rooftops of the Gloaming. [1a]


Her father is Duvak, a Lamplighter who since the death of her mother spent most of what they had on drink. When her mother died, she returned as a Nighthaunt and was put to rest by Pharus Thaum in front of the child, following which she would often seek him out, even at the heart of the labyrinth he had created to guard the Ten Thousand Tombs.[1a]