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The Elders of Vyrkos are mysterious, shamanistic, and venerable leaders among the hierarchy of the Vyrkos Dynasty of vampires who are said to be equal parts bestial and princely, with those who choose to hide their bestial natures behind noble facades becoming all the more monstrous when their true nature comes to light.[1a][1b]


Age of Chaos

When the aging mortal raider known as Radukar chose to seek immortality through the Soulblight Curse it was the Elders of Vyrkos that he sought to bestow the Blood Kiss upon him. After slaying the two-headed wolf Vilnas, with his bare hands, and recovering the barrow-blade of Morkan, Radukar was deemed worthy of the Blood Kiss.[1c]

They would latter convince Radukar to go to the defense of Mournhold, speaking of tangled prophecies that claimed the city would one day be at the center of a great deathstorm. When the Necroquake canme centuries later in the Age of Sigmar, Radukar was well-placed to enslave the city and redub it Ulfenkarn.[1b]


It is said that Belladamma Volga sometimes enters battle with only Elders of Vyrkos and Dire Wolves as company.[1d]


  • Belladamma Volga wields a vast array of strange and potent sorceries, these sorceries are known to none but the Elders of Vyrkos.[1e]


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