Eight Lamentations

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The Eight Lamentations are eight weapons of terrible power honed to a killing edge by the chosen weaponsmiths of Khorne.[1]

The known Lamentations are:

  • Charu, the Soul-Lash: In the Age of Sigmar it was sold in an illicit auction in Greywater Fastness and later claimed by a Agent of Neferata. Charu is a whip that enslaves the souls of those felled by it. This weapon is also known to take ownership of its wielder's body, like a parasite, by incrusting itself in them.[2]
  • Gung, the Huntsman, the Spear of Shadows: Forged by Pyat of the Folded Soul. This weapon is able to rend the fabric of the mortal realms in order to hit its prey. Gung, once thrown at a named target, will hunt until it hits its target and kills it. The spear was kept by one of the Far Lodges of the Fyreslayers, hidden in the vault of their Citadel in the Forest of Gorch. When the spiderfang tribes of grots destroyed the Lodge, they hid the spear but eventually the skaven would find it.[1] Later it was cast at Owain Volker and still seeks him [4]
  • Marrowcutter: The Ur-sword, the Kinslayer, the Unmaker. [5] The mightiest of the eight weapons, forged by Volundr of Hesphut, former disciple of Grungni and forgemaster of Aqshy.[4]
  • Sharduk The Gate-Smasher: Forged by Wolant Sevenhand, forgemaster of Chamon[5] . A mace banded in runic iron and forged from the remains of the last great gargant-kings of the Golden Peaks. No portcullis or doorway can stand against it, whatever its thickness or the magic warding it.[4]
  • Sunraker The War-Claw: A cestus gauntlet, the heat of its touch is enough to melt stone, or even the scales of a dragon.[4]


The weapons were created at the behest of Khorne and two were given to each of his fellow Chaos Gods - Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch whilst he retained two for himself. However the gods were ever enemies and in the ensuing inevitable conflict, the eight lamentations were lost.[1]


In the beginning, there was fire. And from fire came heat. From heat, shape. And that shape split into eight. The eight were the raw stuff of Chaos, ­hammered and sculpted to a killing edge by the sworn forgemasters of the dread Soulmaw, the chosen weaponsmiths of Khorne. But as the realms shuddered and the Age of Chaos gave way to the Age of Blood, the weapons known as the Eight Lamentations were thought lost.

Until now.

~ Grungni commenting on the Eight Lamentations.[4]