Echoes of Doom

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Echoes of Doom
Echoes of Doom 01.jpg
Released 2022
Pages 40

Echoes of Doom was a box set and campaign pack set in the Realm of Aqshy during the Age of Sigmar.[1]


After the Grey Seer Skrittat led a successful raid into the Sylvaneth enclave of Neos, the Lady of Vines gathers a force to punish the thieves and retrieve the soulpods they stole. The sylvaneth catch up with the skaven in the Adamantine Chain outside the skaven warren-city of Chakrik's Folly and prepare to reap a bloody vengeance.[1]


The box contains[2]:

  • 42 miniatures:
    • 32 Skaven: Grey Seer on Screaming Bell, Deathmaster, 10 Stormvermin, 20 Clanrats
    • 10 Sylvaneth: The Lady of Vines, Spirit of Durthu, 3 Kurnoth Hunters, 5 Gossamid Archers
  • 56-page Age of Sigmar rule book
  • 40-page Echoes of Doom mini-campaign booklet with rules for playing in the Adamantine Chain
  • Warscroll cards for each unit in the set
  • 36 tokens