Ebonfire Realmgate

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The Ebonfire Realmgate is a hidden realmgate between the Realm of Ghyran and the Realm of Ulgu .[1b]

It is used by the Daughters of Khaine. [1b]


In Ghyran, the gate is west of Greywater Fastness, at least a months hard travel on foot. [1a] It is high in the mountains, on a island at the heart of a glittering blue lake with a only stunted trees and bushes on the small stretch of land. At the centre is a copse of trees with a cairn of black stones. [1b]

In Ulgu, a matching cairn stands before a deep mist shrouded forest where stealthy predatory creatues abound and tendrils of the mist itself investigate travellers to determine if they are friend of foe. [1b]

Revealing the Gate

In Ghyran, at the cairn, a fire with heartwood and ironoak as well as three drops of Khainite blood must be lit which will burn with cold flames. The fire will reveal a portal to Ulgu, passage is almost instant but intensely cold. [1b]