Eastern Parch

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Map of Eastern Parch.

The Eastern Parch is part of the Great Parch beyond the east of the Adamantine Chain range. It has no agreed-upon title but is referred as such by the people of the Azyrite cities of central parch. It is bordered by Searing Sea on the north and west, the Ocean of Tears on the east and the Vitriol Sea on the south.[1]

These lands are very dangerous, still inhabited by ravenous beasts and many followers of the Dark Gods despite the best effort of the forces of Order. There are few comforts there and many of the settlements of Order live on the knife's edge, regardless many braze Azyrite settlers travel to this frontier far from the stabler west for a dream of a better future.[1]


  • Chakrik is a Warlock Engineer that dreams of stabilizing a completely unstable, but exceptionally rich in Warpstone, caverns. He creates a series of arcane tectonic engines that stabilizes the city, one of which blows up and kills him. The city of Chakrik's Folly, despite many rivals claiming credit for founding the city, is named after him.[1]

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Off its coasts there are a few sets of islands, like: