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Durrano was a soulblight vampire and Blood Knight, a former Kastelai who became a noble of the Broken Plains of the Realm of Aqshy. [1b]

He wrote a number of delicate poems about Nyssa Volari which Captain Takora found after his destruction. [1k]


The same height as Nyssa Volari but with broader shoulders, he had fair skin, white eyes and hair and favoured bone coloured clothing. [1b]


Durrano was one of the Kastelai who rode out from the Crimson Keep when it appeared atop the ancient ruins of a castle near the city of Maar. They slaughtered a dozen bands of nomads who were besieging Maar, the cohort of Corsovo Volari pursuing them into the night, killing and feeding well. However as they returned, lazy and sated, they saw the Keep vanish - most of the vampires swiftly died, tied too closely to their home but Corsovo and Vasara led them to Maar, discovering that the people saw them as saviours. [1a]

Durrano and the other surviving Kastelai - Jirrini, Magdalena and Salvera travelled to the Grey Palace after rumours that something was wrong with King Corsovo. [1b] When Corsovo died, Nyssa Volari sought to take his place and unimpressed with her proposals, Magdalena challenged her and defeated her in a dual. [1d]

Immediately after her victory, Salvera challenged her but she claimed the right to recovery which gave her five nights to heal. She further declared that the kingdom was dead and departed for her home, offering shelter to any that wanted to join her. [1e] Durrano refused to leave whilst Salvera remained, but when the other vampire vanished into the dark, he also left to defend his hold from the mortals. [1f]

Celasian led the Spears of Heaven and 39th Regiment of the Sun Seekers to attack Skulltop, shattering its gate with a lightning bolt from Heaven's Edge. [1i] As the fight raged within Durrano charged Celasian, surviving a bolt of lightning to dent his enemies armour with massive blows. Captain Takora distracted him with an arrow shot long enough for the leader of the Spears of Heaven to bury his holy spear into his chest, pouring more lightning into the vampire. [1j]

He dropped to the ground, his flail vanishing as black smoke but made a final effort, leaping on Celasian and trying to bite him. The Abbot-General held him off long enough for Erikil, his Griffon to pull him off and fling him away. Enraged Celasian rammed his spear again and again into his head until it was nothing but a bloody pulp. [1j]



  • Skulltop: Ancient hold built atop a great hill, twice as high as those around it, a mortal village nestling beneath it in a wooden valley [1g] which held a small shrine to Nagash. [1h]


Nyssa considered him dull but a great supporter of her father. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

He rode a white Nightmare, whose fur was wrapped in mist and wore bone armour, his primary weapon a great sharpened bone flail. [1j]


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