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Dumala is a devoted of Sigmar.[1]

A follower of Sigmar and Saint Garradan, she assists the former Warrior Priest Carazo in his work with his fellow moss-Lepers in the ruins of the first Grand Hospice of Demesnus. [1]


A slim young woman, clad in threadbare robes and rags once of good quality, she carries a knife to defend herself. [1]


She assisted Gardus Steel Soul to defeat a Daemon of Nurgle in the ruins of the Great Hospice. [1]


I told you. He called to me. He called to all of us. So we came to sit and pray, as he did, until our purpose reveals itself. Does he call to you as well? They say Sigmar raised him up, and set him in the sky, so that he might always watch over us. Your face… it is familiar, I am certain.

~Dumala to Gardus Steel Soul.[1]


Devoted of Sigmar
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