Ancestor Gods

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Statues of Ancestor-Gods (notably Valaya, Grimnir and Grungni) in Barak-Thryng.

The Ancestor Gods are the gods of the Duardin who in ages past, long before the rise of Sigmar's Pantheon of Order, were united just as they were in the World-That-Was. But some terrible event known simply as the Thagduegi, the Great Betrayal, shattered their pantheon and they went their separate ways. Whatever the event might have been, its aftermath left both Grimnir and Grungni chained to the Iron Mountains of Chamon.[1a]

Members Before the Thagduegi

The Duardins have hundreds of ancestor-gods.[5a] What follows is a list of their known members:


We had a sister, Grimnir and I. Aye, and more than one. Brothers too. Sons and... and wives. Our voices shaped the realms of metal and fire, and the roots of more realms besides. Our song drew up the stones from the seas and our hands crafted the mountains. Or maybe I misremember. I am old, as I said, and I have lived many lives. Older even than he who sits upon the throne of Azyr.

Grungni to Owain Volker.[2a]

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