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The Drunbhor Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge.[1]


The Runefather Beregthor spoke of the prophecy that had been passed down through generations that he and his warriors must travel to the aid of another lodge and made preparations for war. Yet during a great storm, their Magmahold in Sibilatus, the howling mountain was attacked by worshipers and daemons of Tzeentch who managed to destroy the realmgate at its heart forcing them to set forth on foot for another gate in the Typhornas Mountains. So they began their trek across the Voidfire Plain.[1]

Despite repeated attacks by the creatures and daemons of Tzeentch, on the ninth day they reached the mountains and found the gate in valley. The journey seemed at an end but all was not as it seemed, the Runefather had been infected in the battles by a daemonic spine and began the summoning of the Lord of Change Kaz'arrath. It nearly succeeded in manifesting but the berzerker Vrindum manged to destroy the gate in time.[1]



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