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Droost is a region in the Realm of Chamon, much of which is covered in desert. [1]

Flora and Fauna

  • Draft-lizards: Extremely Large but relatively docile creatures that the people of the desert depend. [1d]
  • Sailfins: Fish found in the River Chael, notable for their blue bellies. [1b]


The vast desert regions of the region are composed of dunes of tiny metal scales that are noted for their scintillating appearance under the glow of the moon. Their beauty hides their dangerous nature for they can form massive whirlpools that can drown unwary travellers. During the day the reflections generated by their mirror like surface forms strange illusions, making travel across the desert difficult to successfully navigate. [1a]

The mighty River Chael cuts through its expanse. [1a]


Age of Chaos

A line of great stone bastions are created to try to control the invading men and monsters of Chaos spreading across the entire realm. [1a]

Age of Sigmar

The remaining bastions are reclaimed as forts from which the Order of Azyr could protect and watch the desert and its people. [1a] Secretly a worshipper of Slaanesh, the Lord Poet Karimus corrupts the Thuringian dynasty of Khans leading to civil war and their destruction. The Hardiathir family become rulers and khans, establishing a new dynasty and Karimius switches allegiance but the Order of Azyr uncover his true nature. [1e]



  • Bahgan Tul: A sacred spring in the lands claimed by the Destri clan, haunted by the Nemisaur a hydra. [1h]
  • Bastions: In the Age of Sigmar, each was home to about a dozen Witch Hunters and their retinues and animals (demi-gryphs and draft-lizards), commanded by a Captain. [1a] There is a hidden refuge in each and a beacon that can be lit on its summit to alert its sister towers. [1b]
  • The Bread Road: A vital caravan route connecting the heart of Arlik with the granaries of Gottar. [1e]
  • Desolation of Magrok. [1b]
  • Gottar Fol: Lush fields that grow fruit and grain. [1e]
  • Kings Fang: An ancient megalith. [1c]
  • Orgam Kor: A temple-complex dominated by the vast High Temple to Sigmar including the Gardens of Alarielle and the towering temple to Dracothion topped by a great statue of the dragon. There are huge basalt stone tombs covered in white marble – the resting places of royalty – the Khans. The High Temple is guarded by the Griffonguard, holy templars. [1d][1f][1g]
  • Undyr Brae
  • Villages: Built around oasis’s, defended from the dunes and enemies by natural barriers of rocks, which legends claimed were created by gargants. In the Age of Sigmar, each had a shrine to that god. [1c]