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Drongon Humboldsson.

Drongon Humboldsson is an Endrinmaster from Barak-Zilfin, and the leader of the Second Madraltan Armada.[1a][1e]


Age of Sigmar

Destruction of the Rusted Wastes

The Redoubtable, a prototype Arkanaut Frigate fresh from the Grammtok-Rahl yards of Barak-Zilfin captained by Drongon Humboldsson, was on its maiden voyage in the Arable Heartlands when the Rusted Wastes were annihilated by the destruction of the Silver Tower.[1b]

From six thousand leagues distant, the crew of the Redoubtable saw the skies turn the colour of burning aether-gold, and several minutes later the shockwave shook their hull. The resemblance with the Garaktormun unnerved the veteran Arkanauts. Weighing their options, Humboldsson ultimately listened to the advice of Arkanaut Gromthi and redirected his skyvessel towards the strange conflagrations. After all, where there was strife, there was profit.[1b]

After noting that something nefarious was afoot, Drongon Humboldsson liaised with Imoda Barrasdottr at the massively fortified aether-mining kharadron outpost of Ghrum-Zunfar. Recently promoted to the prestigious rank of Admiral, Barrasdottr had successfully charted several routes through the arcane maelstrom of the Spiral Crux. Both up-and-coming aeronauts of Barak-Zilfin, Humboldsson and Barrasdottr had served alongside one another on various voyages, and both trusted the expertise of the other.[1c]

According to the information Barrasdottr had collected from her own investigations, the strife befalling across Chamon was not random in nature. Indeed, it seemingly affected the skies above every major realmgate around the region, summoning magical tempests that had already damaged many kharadron assets. Yet uncertain of the cause of the rising storm, Humboldsson and Barrasdottr resolved to uncover the truth. Heading for Barak-Zilfin, Barrasdottr sought to use her newfound influence to alert the Geldraad. For his part, Humboldsson would travel further west and seek answers.[1c]

While rising above the Grymmpeaks, the Humboldsson saw that the sky itself had soured. His aether-gauge indicated that nearby aetherstreams had been swept several leagues off course. Such drastic fluctuations made it clear that a terrible plan was in motion. He knew that these strikes across Chamon were no simple coincidence and that the Geldraad had to be warned of this fomenting disaster so that it can be prevented.[1c]

Second Conference of Madralta

At the Second Conference of Madralta, factionalism and mutual distrust prevailed over any spirit of cooperation or shared hardship. As insults were thrown and ancient grudges stoked, the doors of the chamber crashed open. In marched Drongon Humboldsson and Gromthi, provoking an outraged outcry at such a grievous breach of the Kharadron Code. At this, Gromthi raised his gnarled and tattooed fist and spoke with an inherent and ancient authority that momentarily rendered the arguing councillors silent. He divulged the latest aethernautical readings, sourced from Barak-Nar's Nav-League, and confirmed with its cousins across the Kharadron Empire. The experts agreed: there was a grand convergence of energies converging around Vindicarum, a stormfront of Chaos magic all but unprecedented since the Descent of the Lode-Griffon. [1d]

Humboldsson further explained that such a cataclysmic event would certainly draw in every aetherstreams within ten thousand air leagues of Vindicarum. Upon hearing this, even Klarsdottr was taken aback for, if true, this would instantly make Vindicarum the most valuable asset in Chamon. Admiral Imoda Barrasdottr was swift to take advantage of the changing tides by calling for a motion regarding the dispatch of a sky-fleet to relieve Vindicarum. As the votes were cast one by one, all eyes turned to Grubda Klarsdottr, for all knew that hers would decide the outcome.[1d]

Ultimately, the historic Second Conference of Madralta ended in consensus: the fractious sky-ports of the Kharadron Empire would rescue the Sigmar's armies from their dire predicament and lay claim to valuable aetherstreams around Vindicarum.[1e]

Siege of Vindicarum

Since the Redoubtable was the fastest skyvessel in the Kharadron Empire, Drongon Humboldsson earned the incommensurable honour of leading the Second Madraltan Armada into battle at Vindicarum. Imoda Barrasdottr helped chart a course for the Kharadron armada through the tormented sky-lanes of Chamon, ensuring that they arrive in time to save Vindicarum.[1e]

Humboldsson's prototype Arkanaut Frigate dived from the clouds with aethercannons roaring and bombs spiralling down to annihilate the daemonic horde below. So vast was the Legion of the First Prince that much of its troops were still pouring into the city through breaches in the walls. In his trail came hundreds of Arkanaut Ironclads, other Frigates and colossal, wide-platformed Wing-Carriers. From the latter came squadrons of Gunhaulers and single-pilot fighter craft, swarming like angry glowjackets from a stirred-up hive. The colours of most sky-port and of hundred other imperial trading posts could be seen amidst the shining wall of endrins.[1e]

Drongon Humboldsson located the surviving remnants of the Hallowed Knights and Celestial Vindicators encircled by a crowd of daemons, led by Be'lakor. Followed by a squadron of Gunhaulers, Humboldsson ordered the Redoubtable on a full attack run.[1e]

Be'lakor refused to admit defeat, however, for he deemed having enough thralls at his disposition to conclude massacring Vindicarum, and to crush the Kharadron. As the Cursed Skies wrought havoc amongst the sky-fleet, Be'lakor leapt into the air towards the Redoubtable. Humboldsson and his Skywardens bravely counter-charged the Daemon Prince, trying to sever the beast's wings. The Skyriggers, however, were no match for the First Prince. Humboldsson is eventually grabbed and thrown onto the deck of the Redoubtable, where Be'lakor overwhelms his mind with visions of despair and terror. At this moment, Gromthi advanced across the deck of the Redoubtable and towards Be'lakor. A flicker of fear briefly seizes the First Prince, who then releases the Frigate and leaves the battlefield.[1e]

Restoration of Vindicarum

Humboldsson oversaw the reparation works of the Iron Collar, as well as the construction of several kharadron cloud-mining platforms above Mount Ketnus.[1f]


The Redoubtable, a prototype Arkanaut Frigate.[1a]


Let these foolish land-sloggers put their trust in gods and faith, I put mine in a freshly fuelled ship and an open horizon.

- Drongon Humboldsson's reaction to Gromthi's disapproval.[1f]


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